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What is a VPN?
And what is a free VPN without Quota? Even there are negative comments because the video doesn’t match what he expected Well, there are some questions from friends about VPN So, I will explain what a VPN is What is the function of the VPN? And whether the VPN is free without quota So, so you can’t misinterpret a VPN, VPN is an extension of “Virtual Private Network” Namely a private internet connection, through the Public netthe work The public in the sense of the whole world network So it’s not just in Indonesia A VPN is a communication technology Which allows us to be connected to the public network and use it on the local network Well, this is a local network in the country of Indonesia If you live in Indonesia well! if you live in China or in Japan, it means the local network in that country
Still confused?

So, for example, this website is blocked in Indonesia and we can’t open it, With us using VPN this blocked website so we can open it. So, the way VPN works use private connections to public networks to surf the local network, namely Indonesia so if we use VPN, we can also open blocked websites that’s the explanation This VPN is very helpful for those of us who often play the internet whether it’s playing Facebook, watching videos on YouTube, buying and selling online & others especially if you really like using Wifi in public places surely many of you really like free wifi

This VPN technology can make your network safer between the devices that you use
Rich in laptops, PCs or smartphones with internet servers because our data is protected or private so you don’t need to be afraid of your account being hacked or getting PhissPassing if you use this VPN Your internet service provider is rich in Indihome, Biznet, or my republic bit can’t peek or see our activities yes, because this VPN uses a network that is Private it’s important that we use VPN avoid & prevent us from people who like to lurk and also steal our personal data secretly
And then the uses & benefits of VPN are changing our Virtual location so it’s like we are surfing the internet in another country
For example, in the future or in Korea, which country do you want to depend on because by using VPN we can choose any country we like And there are still many benefits from the VPN
For example, to play Games that are still Alpha or Beta maybe the games aren’t released in Indonesia For example, it’s rich in PUBGM Lite we need to use a VPN to be able to play PUBGM Lite because it is not yet available on Indonesian servers and if for example we want to watch a film on a blocked website in this country of Indonesia yes we can use VPN to watch movies on the blocked website and the last one is often misunderstood is it free VPN without quota restrictions?
The meaning of free without quota restrictions, it is not Free internet without the need for Quota
without quota restrictions with no need for quota that is far different still need a quota to be able to play the internet but the role of VPN is not directed to free internet so I explain,there are some VPN applications that limit the use of data or quota for example there is VPN A which limits maximum1GB of data usage in 1 days for example we already use 1GB in 1 day that means we can’t use the VPN application anymore that day we need to wait for tomorrow to be able to use the VPN application it’s not really good, we limit the quota per day I want to give a recommendation for a VPN application that is UFO VPNThis VPN application provides services without limiting daily quota both it is used on Android and on Windows and the user interface is also family friendly it’s not so complicated, you just need to open the application and continue to select the region and connect directly or you just need to sign smart location later UFO VPN will choose the fastest region.
There are also many servers and regions and surely it is complete, from all continents, whether it’s the Americas, Europe and Asia the internet speed is also stables even though the speed after we use VPN with before using VPN not the same because the server used is a server outside Indonesia but for internet, it’s still smooth because the difference in internet speed is also not too far away compared to only 2MbpsThis UFO VPN is Gtarisand can be used on various platforms like IOS, Android, Windows and the free version is complete, what is the Premium version


  1. Thank you for your excellent offer unfortunately you don't offer VPN service to the United States, but I will consider to get VPN from you or better yet I will check if my friends on Asia are interested on your services.


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